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Home inspection pricing is based on the age & size and age of the home. There are many Home Inspection Companies that offer low prices, it is NOT recommended to use price as the most important differentiator. You should review the credentials and reviews of the Home Inspector/Company you are looking to use. It is also recommended having a conversation with the potential home inspector. Home Inspection company’s that offer lower prices give a lower quality home inspection. They are more concerned with quantity than quality and are usually only on site for about an hour! You CAN NOT fully inspect a home in an hour. An average home inspection for us is 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours. 

Every house is unique, which means every inspection is unique. For example the inspection of a 5 bedroom, 2 story home built in 1920 would incur more of a fee than the same house built in 2015.

Our prices are based on the size (square footage) and age of the property, how many bedrooms and bathrooms are there? Is there a basement or crawl space? Is there a garage and if so is it attached or detached?   Finally, what home inspection services are requested (radon testing, mold testing or termite inspection). Once we receive this information and process it we are able to give you a fair and competitive price.  

STARING PRICES for condos, townhouses, single and two family homes can be seen below.

Condo/Townhouse 2501 to 3000 sq ft – $465

Condo/Townhouse 2001 to 2500 sq ft – $425

Condo/Townhouse 1501 to 2000 sq ft – $395

Condo/Townhouse 0 to 1500 sq ft – $375

Single Family Home 2501 to 3000 sq ft – $500

Single Family Home 2001 to 2500 sq ft – $475

Single Family Home 1501 to 2000 sq ft – $450

Single Family Home 0 to 1500 sq ft – $425

2 Family 2501 to 3000 sq ft – $600

2 Family 2001 to 2500 sq ft – $475

2 Family 1501 to 2000 sq ft – $450

2 Family 0 to 1500 sq ft – $425

Mold Testing

WITH a Home Inspection – $235 

Stand Alone Mold Testing – $295  

(additional fees may be incurred for houses over 3000 sq. ft.)

Radon Testing 

WITH a Home Inspection – $145

Stand Alone Radon Test – $245

(additional fees may be incurred for houses over 3000 sq. ft.) 

Wood Destroying Insects 

WITH a Home Inspection – $115

(additional fees may be incurred for houses over 3000 sq. ft.) 

Pool Inspections (pool must be opened)

WITH a Home Inspection – $345

Stand Alone – $445

(additional fees may be incurred for pools over 20′ x 40′) 

Lead Dust Swipe Testing (LDST)

Visual with a Home Inspection – $285 

LDST with a Home Inspection – $385

Visual Stand Alone – $335

LDST Stand Alone – $435

(fee is for a 1, 2 or 3-bedroom house, each additional bedroom would incur an additional fee of $75)


In an effort to go green we now email all of our reports in PDF format. If a hard copy is needed, you will need to bring the PDF file to a business printing center such as Staples to have it printed.

Call (908) 552-1897 or email us at Info@DetailHomeInspections.com

Accepted payment methods

  • Check
  • Cash
  • Venmo – @detailhomeinspections
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards 

For credit card payments, we accept VISA, AMEX, and Mastercard. However, we do not accept them onsite. Payment must be made before or after the inspection. There will be a 3.5% convenience fee for credit cards used. Please be aware, company policy is that reports are not released until payment has been made.

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